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Finally Time! Free E-book ‘Son of Ereubus’ by J.S. Chancellor

The time has finally arrived!

Here is the link for the free copy of Son of Ereubus (it will go live shortly. If it isn’t yet, don’t panic, just check back in a little while). Once you reach the author page, there is a widget with sliders and you should see the different E-versions of the book available for download on the Son of Ereubus page. Again, there are no strings attached or special things you have to do—no lists to sign up for, nothing. Just free, pure and simple.

But, may I ask something of you?

No, I’m not going to ask you to purchase anything. What I would love, in exchange for giving you a free ebook, is that you tell just two people about it. That’s all. Just tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, whatever you do when you want to tell someone… If you have a reader bud, then email then, text them, or message them. Just tell two people about the book and where they can get it. I would deeply appreciate it!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the book! I hope you like it enough to fall in love with the trilogy as a whole. I hope you’ll give it a good review if you do. If you have any questions, you can reach me at my email address I try to answer all emails within a two or three day frame and I’m ALWAYS up for book talk, so please don’t hesitate to send me a line.

A HUGE ‘thanks’ goes to Neil Gaiman who originally gave me this idea: Hope you have a great time on your trip—be safe!

Also, once you’re done reading book one, you can find Book Two: Blood of Adoria, available for pre-order on the same page as the free download at Rhemalda (it will show up on B&N and Amazon later in the month of March). Here is the cover!

Most sincerely,

J.S. Chancellor

Free E-Books! It’s Read an E-book Week!

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That’s right. I’m giving away my books as a token of my esteem to my blog readers and anyone else who comes across this offer until March 12th, 2011. You can read about a team of metaphysical scientists trying to find the answers to 2012 in Quantum Earth; you can find out what Meg does when she finds out the small town she’s visiting has a terrifying curse on it in Native Vengeance; and you can find a new kind of vampire hitting the scene in Earthwalker- Earth Can Be Hell for a Vampire.

All three of these books are completely free until midnight on the 12th of this month for Read An E-book Week.

Here’s what you do:

Go to:  

There you will find my books on Smashwords. Click on the one(s) you want and enter the secret code displayed (RE100), and there you are! Simple as that to get some pretty interesting and exciting reading material. Enjoy!

Breakthrough Bookstore- Opening Doors to a Better Life

Breakthrough Bookstore Provides A Win-Win For Self-Published Authors:

A Chance To Get Noticed Online And To Change The Perception Of Self-Published Books

With self-published authors producing more and more books every year, the reading audience is discovering that there are plenty of diamonds among them. The biggest problem is having a central source for locating these gems. By establishing the Self-Published Authors Marketplace, Breakthrough Bookstore is providing the solution.

Breakthrough Bookstore was originally established to “open doors to a better life” for its customers with traditionally published books on issues affecting one’s life and business. Very quickly, Dannye Williamsen, owner of the online bookstore and a self-published author herself, realized that if she really wanted to assist others in making a breakthrough, she needed to do something for her fellow penmen: self-published authors.

The Self-Published Authors Marketplace section of Breakthrough Bookstore launches its new web site on March 1, 2011. Although the listings are free, Williamsen sought submissions from the authors in order to create a community where everyone is invested in making the S-PA Marketplace work. In other words, a place where everyone is working toward a win-win for everyone.

Publishing Industry statistics recently showed that “about 20 percent of online sales are of titles not available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Projections are this figure will soon reach a third of all book sales.” Creating a special online venue for self-published authors will contribute to their books becoming the largest portion of these sales.

Someone once said, “It is not who you know but who knows you that counts,” and getting noticed is the chief issue for most self-published authors. In 2007, the Independent Book Publishers Association reported that small and self-publishers produced 78 percent of all the book titles at that time. With the advent of technology and increased numbers of POD publishers, the numbers of self-published books are steadily increasing. This makes it even more difficult to get noticed in bookstores of any kind where these books are competing with traditionally published “bestsellers,”  making this new marketplace a breath of fresh air for self-published authors.

The response to this new venture has been tremendous: “Thank you for the opportunity to put my book out where more readers can see it!” – Jeromy Henry [Piñatas From Space! Crazy Games With Cards And Dice]; “This is a wonderful thing you are doing.” – Jay Miller [Bingo, the Banjo Picking Bear]; “Your offer is certainly a step I’m grateful to be taking.” – Mark McKenna [The Word Gang]; “Thank you so much for your efforts to help self-published authors.”  – Joseph Allen [The Phoenix: Firestorm].

The Self Published Authors Marketplace welcomes all self-published books regardless of how they were published. The only stipulation is that they be available through because the bookstore operates as an Amazon Associate.


Dannye Williamsen
Breakthrough Bookstore

Serenity Lost by Amy Romine

Eric wasn’t sure how much time had passed when they headed back to the hotel, still laughing and talking. He walked into the lobby and the thought of saying goodbye to her twisted an unfamiliar knot in his stomach.

“I should probably get to bed,” she said as she turned to him, her hands in her pockets. “My flight leaves pretty early.”

“Yeah, me, too,” he replied with an uncomfortable nod. “Thanks for the company. It was fun.”

“It was,” she replied as her eyes locked with his. She leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. “Night.”

“Night,” he replied, his breath catching in his throat as he watched her turn the corner and disappear.

He wanted to go after her, he wanted to know her name, and yet his feet remained cemented to the floor. He dug into his pocket, found his room key and moved to the elevator. He pushed the button for his floor, as he rationalized letting her walk away. They would never see each other again. Which was the whole reason, he assumed, that she wanted to keep it all in generalities.

She was just a stranger he’d met in a bar, a captivating, intelligent, funny, beautiful stranger, but a random stranger nonetheless. He didn’t need to complicate his life more than it already was. Walking away was the right thing to do.

Eric stepped onto his floor and looked at his key for the room number. He turned the corner, seeing her mane of curls tossed over her shoulder. She dug in her pocket while balancing two bottles of water in one hand. After a moment, she looked up, meeting his eyes and all sense of reason disintegrated as his body ignited.

“Old hangover trick,” she explained with a smile. He moved toward her, needing to shorten the unbearable gap. All of his energy fell into the ocean of her eyes as he invaded her space. Her voice faded as his hand rested on her hip. “Two Tylenol and a bottle…”

His fingertips grazed over the delicate twists framing her face. Her eyes fluttered closed and a powerful need overwhelmed him. His hand wrapped around her waist to land on the small of her back. He pulled her against him, feeling the gentle rise of her chest as she took a slow breath. He focused on her eyes as they opened, and he lowered his mouth to brush a hesitant kiss over her breathtaking lips.

The touch was soft and lingering. She moved her lips against his in a tender caress that made his heart flutter. Unable to ignore the softness of her lips, he savored every touch. His fingertips swept her cheek as he kissed her long and slow. The water in her hands dropped to the floor with a soft thud. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and his hand tangled itself within the curled tendrils of her beautiful hair.

The delicate scent of her body filled him, stirred the rolling heat within his stomach and a groan sat at the bottom of his throat. He ached for her skin as his hands shifted beneath her shirt. His fingers danced over the silk of her lower back. Her soft body crashed against him. Her grazing hands inched down his back, across his abdomen and up to his chest, sending spikes of electricity into his groin.

Their once hesitant, tender embrace became deep, insistent and brimmed with mutual passion. One hand in her hair, the other encircling her waist and he walked her back, trapping her against the wall. His hunger for her seemed unquenchable as he devoured her lips and explored the recesses of her mouth with his tongue.

His heated body pressed against hers as their lips parted, gasping for air. He traced his tongue down the line of her neck. He stopped, suckling on her collarbone. His fingers lingered on the area of satin between the dip of her waist and the curve of her hip. They played for a moment before moving upward, across her ribs. She attacked his ear with a purr. He lifted his eyes, the reflection of his own breathless passion shone within her depths of blue.

“Where’s your room?” she managed to ask as he tugged at her lips in distraction.

“I have no idea,” he said with a grin. She cocked her head to the side before her hands dove into his pockets. Searching for his key, her fingers brushed against him.

Unable to turn away from her dazzling eyes, a smile edged his mouth as she teased him. When she finished, she drew him against her by the pocket of his jeans.

“I think I found it,” she said as her breath teased his lips.

She triumphantly lifted the key between them.

Room three forty-eight.

Content just to have her in his arms, he realized he didn’t care about the room or the world around them. Overwhelmed by the new sensation of serenity, his thumb traced the line of her cheek. He leaned down, once again coaxing her lips against his. Her arms slid around his neck as she brought him closer. He fell into the candy of her mouth.

Voices descended the hall and she whimpered in irritation at the interruption. He groaned with the broken embrace as he took her hand to search for his room. She laughed at his obvious desperation.

An unnerving ache replaced the serenity in the absence of her warmth. As soon as he found the room, he swept her back into his arms and pressed her against the door. He reclaimed her lips as his own, in case she’d forgotten. His hands slid around her hips before he lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He carried her into the room. His attention still focused on her lips as the door closed somewhere off in the distance. Her legs locked around his waist as she pushed his leather jacket off his shoulders and he shrugged it away. The edge of the bed bumped against his leg. He lifted his knee as he turned and leaned forward, laying her down beneath him.

Their lips parted as he eased against her, their bodies meeting through the barrier of cloth. His fingers traced the edge of her hair. He gazed into her eyes, making sure they both knew where this was going. She seemed to sense his hesitation and answered it with a sunlit smile and a grind of her hips that erased any of his doubts.

He’d never wanted someone so much in his entire life…

Serenity Lost –

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