I’m just a regular person who just happens to have a vivid imagination and dreamworld. I love creating interesting characters that make me want to put them in strange circumstances. Quantum Earth came from my curiosity about the Mayan calendar year 2012, which is supposedly the end of time as we know it. I thought, what if humans do really create our own reality like many, such as Wayne Dyer, claim? I put the two together and that was the beginning of Quantum Earth.
Deadly Lucidity came from the worst nightmare I’ve ever had. I woke up from a nice dream I was having (or so I thought), when, in reality, I was still dreaming. A man had a hold of me and was going to inject me with something from a syringe! Then I really did wake up. But for a moment I truly believed I was going to be killed.
I’m now 4 chapters into my new book, Earthwalker. It’s about a woman who witnesses an alien spacecraft crash. In it is a man from another planet called Panterra. It is a planet of mostly tame vampires. The woman accompanies him as he tries to find a way back home.
I love writing. It lets my imagination run wild. It takes me away from all the troubles of the world and create my own worlds. I can say whatever I want to make the reader want more. It’s true that I haven’t sold a million books so far, but who knows what lies in the future for me? I love all my books and I believe in them.