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Breakthrough Bookstore- Opening Doors to a Better Life

Breakthrough Bookstore Provides A Win-Win For Self-Published Authors:

A Chance To Get Noticed Online And To Change The Perception Of Self-Published Books

With self-published authors producing more and more books every year, the reading audience is discovering that there are plenty of diamonds among them. The biggest problem is having a central source for locating these gems. By establishing the Self-Published Authors Marketplace, Breakthrough Bookstore is providing the solution.

Breakthrough Bookstore was originally established to “open doors to a better life” for its customers with traditionally published books on issues affecting one’s life and business. Very quickly, Dannye Williamsen, owner of the online bookstore and a self-published author herself, realized that if she really wanted to assist others in making a breakthrough, she needed to do something for her fellow penmen: self-published authors.

The Self-Published Authors Marketplace section of Breakthrough Bookstore launches its new web site on March 1, 2011. Although the listings are free, Williamsen sought submissions from the authors in order to create a community where everyone is invested in making the S-PA Marketplace work. In other words, a place where everyone is working toward a win-win for everyone.

Publishing Industry statistics recently showed that “about 20 percent of online sales are of titles not available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Projections are this figure will soon reach a third of all book sales.” Creating a special online venue for self-published authors will contribute to their books becoming the largest portion of these sales.

Someone once said, “It is not who you know but who knows you that counts,” and getting noticed is the chief issue for most self-published authors. In 2007, the Independent Book Publishers Association reported that small and self-publishers produced 78 percent of all the book titles at that time. With the advent of technology and increased numbers of POD publishers, the numbers of self-published books are steadily increasing. This makes it even more difficult to get noticed in bookstores of any kind where these books are competing with traditionally published “bestsellers,”  making this new marketplace a breath of fresh air for self-published authors.

The response to this new venture has been tremendous: “Thank you for the opportunity to put my book out where more readers can see it!” – Jeromy Henry [Piñatas From Space! Crazy Games With Cards And Dice]; “This is a wonderful thing you are doing.” – Jay Miller [Bingo, the Banjo Picking Bear]; “Your offer is certainly a step I’m grateful to be taking.” – Mark McKenna [The Word Gang]; “Thank you so much for your efforts to help self-published authors.”  – Joseph Allen [The Phoenix: Firestorm].

The Self Published Authors Marketplace welcomes all self-published books regardless of how they were published. The only stipulation is that they be available through because the bookstore operates as an Amazon Associate.


Dannye Williamsen
Breakthrough Bookstore

Publishing Your Book

This is a recent letter I wrote to a frustrated friend who was trying to decide how to go about getting his first book published. His idea was to start by trying to obtain an agent, but really didn’t know which way to turn. He knew that I self-published my last two books, but was concerned about the stigma about doing it this way. I set him straight.
Here it is:
I can definitely understand your frustration! I went through it a few years back when I was trying to get my first book published. I thought that I’d get at least one book published, then get an agent. Then I did some research on the publishing scene to get some perspective. I must have sent querries to around 75 publishers, then had a couple who wanted Quantum Earth. I chose a small publishing house in Maine. I thought that was the hard part! Little did I know that as far as marketing and publicity I was on my own, as are most authors in the business, including those published by the bigger houses you may get to publish your book with the help of an agent. Even the big houses don’t even put your book into stores for you. They also don’t help one iota with marketing. Some may give you a couple free books to pass out for review, but it’s only the big guys who get such things as advances and tours.
So you see, having an agent doesn’t guarantee anything except one more person to take a piece of your pie, so to speak. I’ve sold many books with my publisher, but received such a small percentage from MY hard work that I decided to self-publish. I found a great friend on facebook who has connections to get your book published within a week, getting a special custom interior and fonts (with pictures if you wish), have your book listed with amazon and createspace, plus a marketing portfolio, all for $500. I have done this twice so far and am extremely satisfied with everything. My friend worked with his experts and delivered exactly what I wanted and more. Now I am in complete control of my books and profits.
From my research the stigma attached to self-publishing is quickly falling away, and I and many others believe it is the wave of the future because of the changes in the publishing industry. You can even contact J.A. Konrath on facebook (he’s a friend of mine there), who has lead the way by becoming extremely successful as a self-published author.
This guy has also written other cool articles you can check out.
The cure for frustration is to make yourself as informed as you can. There are a lot of good resources on the net to educate you so you can make an informed decision about what you want to do next.
I wish you much luck! If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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