Sigmund Freud did not know Marie when he wrote the seminal work above. In neat, logical compartments, the master traced the lives of hysterics and gave us unconscious truths realized. Then came Julie Achterhoff with a futuristic vision as intense as Existenze. While reality holds the key to survival, the earth is too unsettled and the dangers too real. There is no separation from the waking and the real in this video game drama for high stakes. Deadly Lucidity is the closest we can get to the sheer terror of our uncertain footsteps. Sometimes, when we cross the streets, do we not wonder whether, despite our most rational intentions,that we may not make it to the other side? It is not a sudden auto that may smash our lives and our dreams away. Perhaps it only a breath, a voice in the wind that paralyzes our steps? A waking dream or a dream awake,Ms. Acterhoff has wrestled with the nightmares Herr Freud more easily imagined. She has taken the terror of the unconscious, wrestledught it to light, to give us greater capacity for horror than we ever want to comfortably imagine, and with heroes like Murphy, himself a mystery, and gremlins and goblins of would be evil men lurking, brought us out of our hot air balloon for a landing safe and worth taking. Wow..Brava, lady. What a ride!

Robert Rubenstein, Author:Ghost Runners