If you’ve ever spent the day at the beach
or at a pool wearing swimsuit and feeling
uncomfortable with your body… obsessing about
your belly, your butt, thighs, or arms…

And then later that night wondered why you
weren’t feeling sexually connected to your

Then you are NOT ALONE!

Your ability to be comfortable and confident in
your body plays a BIG part in your sex life.

When you are feeling sexy and confident in your
own skin, it attracts your man like a magnet.

I’m not going to just blow smoke here and say that
that physical looks don’t count in sexual attraction.
I’m a bit of a fitness freak myself and put a
lot of effort into my own diet and exercise…

BUT, your ability to enjoy and ACCEPT your own body,
EXACTLY AS IT IS plays a huge role in the way
you show up for you man.

How big a role exactly?

Well, in my survey of thousands of men, when I
asked them what really attracts them to an ideal
sex partner, I expected them to say something like…

“big boobs”

or “great oral skills”

or “high sex drive”

…but the #1 response was, “she’s comfortable with
her own body and sexuality.”

A woman’s confidence, how “comfortable” she
feels in her body is the MOST sexy and desirable
thing to a man.

If you don’t feel confident and sexy in your
bikini or summertime clothes, your man can tell.

Which is why, in my Revolutionary Sex For Her
program, I invited my friend Andrea Albright to be
a guest teacher on the subject of loving and
accepting your body.

Andrea is in my Inner Circle of my closest friends,
and she is just an amazing, magical person.

And she also has a program that she teaches for women
to get into shape that is based entirely on learning
to accept and love your body exactly the way it is.

Her principle is that NOBODY EVER gets into shape
through will power.  That might work for a short
period of time, but eventually it’s just too
miserable and people stop going to the gym and
fall off their diets…

But people who are already fit, who love exercise
and eat well out of preference, do so because they
love and enjoy the body they are in.  It makes them
WANT to do healthy things.  And so there’s no will
power involved.  Success is inevitable.

So she designed a “weight loss program” not around
losing weight,” but an entire program around
nothing but methods to give you confidence and
enjoyment around your body image and learning how to
feel great in the body you’ve got.

Obviously it works because she’s become very
popular online and has a lot of success stories.

Bottom line is, I’ve heard Andrea talk about
this process a lot, and I absolutely love her
ideas and her loving approach to teaching women
to love and appreciate themselves.


I can remember the first time I heard her passionately
talking about it I thought to myself, “well sure, it’s
easy for a skinny chick to talk about loving your
body!”  I had a lot of friends who really struggled
with slow metabolism and had a lot of emotional
pain around their weight.

I said something to her about it one day and that’s
when she broke out the pictures of herself from
her early 20s…

I was shocked.  I had NO IDEA that she used to
be heavy.  I would not have believed it if I hadn’t
seen the pictures.

She just has such an easy, sunny attitude around
eating and exercise… not one of those obsessed,
calorie counting, constantly bitter around dessert
time people… but more like one of those naturally
thin people who just have no anxiety around the

Anyway, if this sounds as intriguing to you as it was
to me, I invite you to find out more about Andrea.
I think you are going to love her.

You can get on her newsletter (which is wonderful) and
get a very good free report from her by going here:

Blast Belly Fat

And, if you have any issues around weight or body
image, she’s running a 5 day special on her program
(which I super-highly recommend).

I am neither a woman nor overweight, but I’ve listened
to some of this program and I think it is brilliant
and absolutely beautiful.  In fact, listening to a
section of it actually made me cry!  I have so
many close female friends who struggle with these
issues, and hearing Andrea talk about it showed me
new possibilities that really touched my heart.

No matter what your genetics, or what shape you
are in… You deserve to love your body.

If this strikes a chord in you and you’d like to
re-wire some of your emotions on this subject, you
should take advantage of Andrea’s program.  It
just might change your life.

For Passion,


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