I found some very helpful information on this and wanted to pass it along. We all need to help each other out whenever possible! Some of these I knew about already, but a few I had no idea about. So here’s to keeping our radiation exposure as low as we can!


  1. Use a land line whenever you can, like in the office or at home.
  2. Use a hands free set. A headset or earbud keeps the radiation away from your brain.
  3. Use speaker phone. It also keeps radiation away from your brain.
  4. Avoid the phone when reception is weak. When cell phones are far from towers (and show fewer bars), they emit more radiation to communicate with the tower. Wait till you get outside, rather than making a call in the elevator, in a basement, or in the subway.
  5. Keep conversations short.  Try to use a land line when you need to sit in on a conference call or any other conversation you know will take some time.
  6. Use blue tooth cautiously. A blue tooth uses much less power than a cell phone, but there is no distance between your head and the device (your ear actually creates some distance for a hand held cell phone). Plus, a blue tooth is always on you and it’s not clear whether you’re constantly getting exposed even when you’re not using the phone. You may be better off using a headset.
  7. Try texting instead of talking. No exposure to your brain.
  8. Don’t talk on the train or in a car. Try not to use phone in fast moving vehicles, even as a passenger, because as you travel, your phone moves from one cell tower to the next, and each time it tries to connect, your phone uses maximum power to make contact.
  9. Wait a few seconds after dialing before putting phone to ear. During the time the call is connecting, the phone uses maximum power. It will power down once the connection is made. Keep it on speaker phone until someone picks up.