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Hello my friends to day is a beautiful day and why is it a beautiful day? It is simple my friends because I woke up this morning took a look outside and said to myself today will be a day as I see it in my mind beautiful and sunny and great to spend with those that I love.


“The Mind Is But A Drawing Board, Here You Create Your Destiny, Become Anything Or Anyone You Wish To Be, But To Do So You Must Take Action And Action Requires A Plan”–Luciano Santini

</span>Life is funny that way. We tend to want things and hope that either they happen on their own or someone gives them to us. Reality check my friends it does not automatically happen nor is anyone going to give you anything for free. It just does not happen ever. The only thing that is for free in life is Air. Everything else there is a cost outside of you. Your mind is free which is the most important thing that we have and yes it is free and we must take it and build from it and create all that it is we want and take action towards those goals.

In business my friends is the same thing because nothing happened or is it going to happen because no cares but you about your business. If your business fails what do people say well the market was bad! The economy was bad! The employees were not the right employees! The management was bad! It is always the same answers when I ask businesses those questions.
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I smile at the owners or managers and sometimes at the employees and say really. I go on to explain though those elements can be part of the problem. The real problem is the above. Not properly trained in something or somehow something went wrong. That is when you know or should know you need assistance from someone who knows business better then you do.

Whether it is some one like me or anyone else there are so many great business coaches out there. Call someone or at least pay a few hundred dollars to get a consultation of your business.

There is a SWOT Analysis which is critical to do and be on top of it because if you do not have any idea what it is and what it means then you should not be in business. You are literally giving and throwing your money away.

S- Strengths Must Know

W-Weaknesses Must Know
O-Opportunities Must Know
T-Threats Must Know
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When we run a business there are times that we are blinded because we believe that because we are in business we know what we are doing and perhaps we do but again sometimes we are blinded and do not realize what is happening because we are to involved in our endeavor that we get blindsided with issues and then get stuck because we did not see them before.


Although marketing managers can control the marketing mix they cannot control the external elements that impact their target markets. In order to be successful, marketing managers must understand the external environment. Marketing research is the key to understanding this environment.

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<div style=”text-align: center;”>If we do not have a good hold of what is happening in our business all kinds of hell will break loose. Investors want their money pressure begins to build,reputations begin to fail and friendships are destroyed and in some cases families are also destroyed. I have seen it I have been there and one that.

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