Fascinating Metaphysical Look at What Happens to the Human Psyche Before Disasters

The book opens with a deadly tsunami and a team of scientists on a quest to use their psychic powers to determine what if any role the conscious soul has in causing natural disasters.  From flood to earthquakes the scientists interview survivors and those that didn’t make it in the hopes of saving planet earth. What starts out at first on a macrocosm level quickly gets personal as two scientists fall in love. Noah, the lead medium with the help of his powerful spirit guide, Jackson reaches out to the loved ones on the other side and inadvertently channels a scary entity. Soon there is violence at one of their public events and the team loses their funding. The stakes get raised higher and higher with each new gathering of disaster survivors. The team finds a mysterious benefactor who causes both Shauna and her boyfriend the lead scientist, Hawk to feel uneasy on a gut level.
It is business more or less as usual for Hawk, even though he wants to escape more and more with pure passion for his new love, Shauna. It is Shauna, the heroine who is empowered both by love and the strengthening of her intuition that ultimately unites her teammates in this metaphysical tale of good vs. evil.