Jen Knox, author of the exceptional memoir Musical Chairs, had this to say to me about my debut novel, Quantum Earth:


Not to turn this into a sappy love-fest or anything, but speaking of books… I concluded one thing quickly after reading your book: You have got to be one of the most intelligent people I know!
I posted reviews for Quantum Earth, and Deadly Lucidity will be read in a few weeks.  QE: How did you do it?  I’m serious… I mean, you put a lot of information/story into that book.  Talk about not wasting any words!   You want to give a lecture to my creative writing students?  I think teaching writers how to be economical with words is the biggest obstacle I’ve found so far, and you are the queen of creative economy.
DL looks so vastly different, too… I look forward. 


Jen Knox

Author of Musical Chairs