In 68 years of seeking truth, over a decade in the ministry, I have several postulates that I submit to this forum. I have found these truths to be beyond any practical or reasonable deniability.

First; The Bible is made by man. It is intended to be the word of God, but has been subverted for man’s ends, I.E., not all of it is true or, at best, understood correctly. In this modern age, we have far better ways to implement our language and wisdom that to accept the inferences of parables two thousand or more years old, and also translated many times to suit the direction of certain biased clerics.

Second; God is not a body. If we are to accept we are made in His image, we must accept that we are not as well. We are Spirit, Loving Spirit to be sure. This idea fits with all truth put forth in all truly Spiritual texts.

Third; This world is not made by God; not the world we see with the bodies eyes. Hence; Father Spirit or mind nurture, and Mother nature, or body nurture. The world we see with the bodies eyes is illusion, it is based on past learning of fearful thoughts that our needs will not be met, and that we are separate from our True Source; God. In fact, we are not, but we believe we are based on evidence of our eyes seeing our separate selves in separate bodies, subject to pain limitation, suffering, and death, also pleasure and seeming delightful awe.

Fourth; Because we are not really separate bodies in Truth, whether we can understand and accept it or not, the Oneness that is our true identity is immortal, I.E., we cannot die and are truly invulnerable from the seeming forces of the world we see. This means that the true message of the seer known as Jesus Christ applies to all of us, not just to Him. If He is the Son of God, so must we be also. He is special, not as a beloved of God, but as One who was willing to accept his reality and identify with it beyond the valuing of this world. Our True nature exists in mind, just as the True nature of all who have gone before and have seemed to die by laying their body aside still exists in your mind NOW. Their truth, as yours, is granted eternal life in God.

Fifth; Only what is true right now is real. So, you must decide. Either you are a body, subject to the limitations of the world you see, or you are the Loving Spirit of God. You cannot have it both ways and be truly alive now.

Their are many more unassailable truths about you, but this is the simple Truth they are based on. Your happiness exists in your willingness to see beyond the world and let it go from your belief in attachment to it. It is not real, Only you are, because God shares Himself with you now.