Here in the list we see so many forms of dogma, spiritualism, beliefs, worship, gods, and cultures that have synchronized with their respective religions, that we can see religion is as diverse as language, cooking, dress, and art.

If you consider that ceremony, ritual, sermon, holidays, and the accompanying language or script, costume, behaviors, and meanings are done as a way to preserve, promote, and acculturate people to religion, you have described theater.

The same tools are used on stage to deliver a message or entertain and religion does both. Add philosophy and argue about what the metaphors mean and you have a theatrical, philosophical art form.

“Why so serious?” Is god real, isn’t a question it is a fact. Nobody knows. Why do we as a species that has seen millions, if not billions die, because of religious political orientation saying the enemy of god or heathens, infidels, barbarians must die.

If you don’t believe, you are hated and told you are going to hell. There is no greater message of hate than you will be burned and tortured for eternity. There is no more primitive philosophy than hate and torture of those you hate is justified because they do not believe what you believe. Love your enemy has no historical precedent and religion serves the rich and powerful who rule countries and motivates the cannon fodder who line up to die for them and their false gods.

It is a tragedy that we still can’t find the humility and good grace to admit the literature, garb, and ritual are interesting art forms and philosophy and nothing more. Our religious spiritual existence is tantamount to the spirituality of wolves and ants.

Being who we are, as another species, on this planet and learning to appreciate our varied cultures, religions, languages, and world views is much more important that believing god is real. Believing one god is real divides us from each other and makes it impossible to become respectful of each other and share this planet.

One World Peace