Barry Fitzgerald presents us with a new and improved paradigm shift for the world in his new book “Building Cities of Gold.” In it he shows us exactly what changes need to happen to sustain us in the coming years of the future. He believes that power must be put back into the hands of small communities of 100 to 200 people so that the current abuse of power will fall to the wayside. I believe this is a very important book. It tells us in no uncertain terms what we need to do to be happy in our lives again.
I was completely taken in by his step-by-step process for achieving a better world. He tells the reader section by section exactly what is going wrong in the world, such as the Earth is to be exploited at all costs and waste is somebody else’s problem to be dealt with. Fitzgerald writes about sustainability in the areas of career, economy, and education with true caring and knowledge. I am just touching the tip of the iceberg here, though. There is so much more.
I also enjoyed Part Two, which tells the story of how such a community came to being. It was by complete happenstance that a few people started a new way of life that spread through the town of Hill Valley Plains like wildfire. Within five years the people there led a completely self-sustainable lifestyle. They were happier, healthier, and generally better off than they were before the changes took place in their community. This is nothing short of a miracle. I have to say I agree with Fitzgerald about the coming changes and how they must be dealt with. This is a great book for anyone who wants to know what’s happening in our world and how we can really make it better. I give it five stars.