Hello. Good morning my friends. Today is a very special day; my beautiful mother passed away two years ago.
I will dedicate this blog to her and to all those that have lost their mothers. My mother; what can I say other then she was a strong woman and a great woman. She touched many lives.

You see the love of a mother cannot ever be challenged. I remember some things as a child that when I was hurt she was always there for me. I remember when I would feel bad because I was unable to go to school and I remember she would cry because she knew how I wanted to go but could not.
The tears of a mother could fill a heart in discontent that truthfully I have no idea how they do that, but they do that and they do it so well. Growing up with sixteen other brothers and sisters I can tell you that having dreams seemed unattainable. She would always encourage me never ever to give up and do not let anyone tell you you cannot reach your dreams.
I always think about those words because at the time I had no idea what they meant and how much of an impact they actually had on me. I know now and fully understand what they meant.

“Success Is Not Something That Falls On Your Lap Success Is An Action That Must Be Taken
And Followed Through Until The Goal Is Achieved That Is Success”

Luciano Santini

Each day of my life I try to teach the same ethics to my children. I believe In dreams just like the next person. We all want success my friends but how strong do truly feel about those dreams!! Are they just in a book written somewhere just sitting on a shelf, or are you going to do something about those dreams and pick them and take off with them?
You have to believe in who are and what you stand for. So ask yourself if you really believe.

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Luciano Santini MBA
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