Hello my friends how are we doing this morning? We all are affected by the events around the world, especially when it comes so close to home, would you agree? I believe our youth need guidance and help to realize the changes that are happening in the world.
Our children are afraid and scared you can see it on their faces and you can hear it in their voices when they ask questions and are afraid of what the answers might be. We are a generation that needs to be aware of what is happening to our youth.

I see them every day and talk to so many and they all seem lost because of the economy and to see their parents pushing them out the door because they need more money to make ends meet, well it just breaks my heart. We need to make a difference by showing them that there are people who really care for them and their future.

Coming from a family of 17 I know the struggles and, yes, though struggles can actually be your friends because they will push you to your limits, and you will open your mind to all the possibilities that are out there for us.

You must remember to make a change. You must take the first step because if you never take the first step I promise you that you will never take the second step.

In life there are always choices to be made, but we have to make them carefully because they can either make us as a person or destroy us forever because we will regret them later. We must never forget that the youth are our future.
In business we move towards the same development of life. We must understand what we want and what we need to make us move in the right direction to accomplish our dreams and goals. I have stated many times that there laws and there is a science for success just like there is a science to live a great life.

“Teaching Our Youth To Think From The Inside Out Is No Longer A Joke. It Has become A Reality”

Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant




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Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.