Hello my friends how are we doing on this wonderful day!
I look at this day as a day where I can come together and think about the rest of the week in peace and in tranquility from the chaos of the world.
I find this day to be special for me because so many things happen on this day for me. I get to take my kids to school. This is the day we picked out of the week to do this.
This is a day that think about what it means to be a father and what needs to be done to stay closer to my boys and beautiful daughter. This is the day that I remember the past and where I am today. I always ask people’s in general what would you change if you could go back into the past and I always get the same answers.
Some will change so many things and some would change none. I always go back to the people who tell me what they would change. I get all kinds of different answers and it is because they did not know the affects those mistakes would have in their future. I tell them that we are all different and placed in different situations.
We have all made mistakes, there are always one or more things we do in our lives that we regret. It could be as simple as saying something you felt bad about and wished you had never said oops! too late. It was said and now you must live with it. In life things happen and when they do all you can do is try to make the best of the positive side of it.
Sometimes it may seem that there is no way to repair the damage but there is always a way always, no matter what it is. People just do not have the knowledge to teach themselves or learn about themselves.
I believe that people overall are goodhearted. It is the chaos in the world and the changes without warning that come into our lives.
There is always a way to make things right if we but believe that change can and will happen. Change is a strong word especially if we cannot define it for ourselves. Change can turn the events around the world at an instant.
Change can make you a totally different person then you are at this moment. Change can and will teach you to be who and what you want to, but you have to believe that change can take place within you and accept it.
Take a good look at yourself today and ask: What is it that I need to change within me?
Think about what it is that needs to be changed and take it all day with you. Write it down and read it at every opportunity. Take this thought and make it real.
Once you have made it real make it truth and believe that this change can be made and make it happen.