A beautiful day it is on this Sunday. Woke up this morning and was informed that the fires in the Antelope Valley had been controlled and most people get to return to their homes. I believe that every situation we fall into is for a reason and we may not be able to see it or know why, but there is always a reason for everything.

It is human nature to fear the unknown and to fear it is within each of us. The question is do we let fear control who we are and sometimes make decisions we regret later in life? We meet people every day and sometimes we go into business with them and regret it later, and then the other side of the coin is that sometimes we meet people who really want to help us succeed, but because of fear we let opportunities slip by.
This happens every day in our daily lives, we just do not see it nor do we take the time to understand who we are and we fall to fear and foolishness within ourselves. We find that we are only people, and we are animals with a higher understanding of life and remorse, where lower animals do not have that; what they have is the instinct to survive. OOHHH wait, we also have that instinct to survive don’t we? Yes we do!! And that is where we come up on the world because we have the ability to think and become whatever it is we want.
We have a mind where there is freedom of thought where there is freedom of mind and freedom to think ourselves into any situation we choose to. Ten or twelve years ago I was one of those persons that did not trust himself to make the right choice, and so I would always ask others what they thought about my ideas, and of course nine out of ten would get shot down, and so I would not follow my dreams.
Then one day I read a book that changed my life because in this book it stated that whatever the mind can create you could become, and reach extreme heights. Well, it has taken me twelve long years of reading, researching, and thinking to finally realize that there is more to life.
I have realized that there is nothing that I cannot create in my mind with a map to get there, and bring those thoughts to reality.
I read this story a while back about Johnny Cash:
In the early 90’s, legendary singer Johnny Cash had been all but forgotten by the music industry. This bothered music producer Rick Rubin, who suggested they work together. Rubin set up a solo acoustic show at The Viper Room in Los Angeles. Just Cash, his guitar, and a microphone. And in his anxiety, Johnny Cash found a whole new career. Rubin stripped away the other instruments, musicians, staging, and trappings that Johnny Cash had learned to rely on over the years. And in the process, discovered a voice that had been there all along.
You see, this is an example of what the mind can do when it all seems impossible. The mind will come up with a map to create a possibility if we but believe in who we are.

“Sometimes In Life We Have To Fight For What We Believe In And Stand Our Ground No Matter The Cost.”
Luciano Santini

When I speak to an audience I speak from the heart, in hopes to touch one life at a time. Thank you and keep a free mind. Every single one of us has a purpose in life we just need to focus and find it.

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Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.