Hello my friends how are you doing on this beautiful day?
Wow when someone asks you this question how do you react? These are simple questions that can either make you feel good or ruined your day depending on the answer I suppose. Well you see the goal here is to get your body and mind motivated to think in a positive way from the beginning.
I know times are hard believe me I know, I see it every day. You hear all the networkers how they are making millions and millions and they show us their fake reports and well, I hope they feel good about themselves. I believe some people believe they can make others feel the same way by teaching and showing false feeling and playing on peoples’ emotions.
I am just a regular guy who believes in core values as a human being and business man. I am someone who believes that whatever I offer will help you or your business if implemented correctly. I am not going to show you fake documents showing false pie graphs and bar graphs or numbers showing revenue but certain things blocked out hmmmmmm I would question that too.
You see, my friends, in life there is only integrity and belief. If you have integrity and you believe that what you offer in services and in motivation will truly benefit people then you have what it takes to get someone to the next level.
Sometime life can creep up on you or your business and can be difficult. The thing to do is to hold on to what you have and to what you truly believe in and move forward perhaps with a little help from someone who has an open mind and can teach some core lessons in business or in life.
I believe in reality and teaching and coaching real issues never theoretical always keep it real.
We as individuals can sometimes get caught up in the mixture of life and fall short of our beliefs and sometimes get stuck there and stay there. Ohhh, bad place to be my friends. I know I have been there.
Life is sometimes crazy when you sit down and really think about what it is we are looking for. Is it true success or is it a phase that we are trying to consider only? You see my friends, in business we need to really believe in
what our mission statement is and what does it stand for not just for the company, but for your customers.
To understand all this we need a good solid open-minded business coach. One that believes in reality and not theory.

‘We See What We Want To See And Believe What We Want To Believe And Sometimes We Will See A Glimpse Of Reality Then We Become Afraid And Return To Theoretical Thinking”
Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant




Thank you
Luciano Santini MBA
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Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.