Hello everyone, how are we doing today on this fine day? Well, some will read it on Monday night but most on Tuesday morning. Last night I went for my daily two-mile run and as I was running I saw the newspaper front page through the stand glass and it read “Is Your Restaurant an A B or a C?”
I continued on my run and, well, it inspired what I am about to write.

You see, businesses do not seem to get it. Just because your business seems to be thriving today does not mean that it will thrive tomorrow. There is a science to success in business. There are laws that need to be followed to be successful in business as there are in how to follow in life.

We meet head to head every day with these laws. We just do not see them. Why? Well, because we do not know how to implement or what to make of them. I have stated that when I did my thesis for my masters degree. I did it on The Allegory of The Cave by Plato. If we read it it states the following, and it is from here that I have compiled not only education but years and knowledge on business and life;

Plato was teaching the future king Alexander the great a math problem and Alexander pushed away the paper and stated to Plato, “I am the to be king. Just give me the answer!” Plato stated back to Alexander, “There is no royal shortcut to learning.” This is especially true in business.

Plato, the most creative and influential of Socrates’ disciples, wrote dialogues in which he often used the figure of Socrates to espouse his own (Plato’s) full-fledged philosophy. In “The Republic,” Plato sums up his views in an image of ignorant humanity, trapped in the depths and not even aware of its own limited perspective. The rare individual escapes the limitations of that cave and, through a long, tortuous intellectual journey, discovers a higher realm, a true reality with a final, almost mystical awareness of Goodness as the origin of everything that exists. Such a person is then the best equipped to govern in society, having knowledge of what is ultimately most worthwhile in life and not just knowledge of techniques; but that person will frequently be misunderstood by those ordinary folks back in the cave who haven’t shared in the intellectual insight.

Here you see that we must find what it means and be able to understand and then decipher it break it down into steps for both life and business.

Nothing lasts forever unless we know how to make it work in the everyday life and chaos that face us each day with our employees and our customers, who are the blood for the business.

“Our Life Is Nothing Than A Map We Must Follow To Find Our Purpose.
But People Are Needed In Both Business And Life To Find Success And To Either One There Is A Science We Must Learn”

Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

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