Hello my friends. it has been a couple of days, but here I am again.
I had a wonderful day today! Why do you think I had such a great day? Well where can I start?

Today I worked, and helped a few people find what they were looking for. Then I came home and played with my boys, which is always the highlight of my day.

I had a meeting with a great company, and the owners, well, were the most humble and real people I have ever known. I expected something else walking into their building, and I have to say I was truly pleased with the way the meeting started and ended.

You see, sometimes we think of people as being so different than ourselves, and because we believe and think a certain way we end up alone, and sometimes with no friends.
I believe in one thing and that is that as long as people in general believe
that they are different then they are, we will continue to fail in life as human beings.

As business owners start their dreams and goals something happens along the way, and that is that they forget their dreams once they start the journey, and only those that remember and stay with their end result in mind will succeed.

The human rain is the undiscovered world. It cannot be tamed by anyone but you, and that is because you are the only one that can control your thoughts that come into your mind.
We need to somehow believe that we can reach our dreams and goals no matter how difficult they may seem.

In my meeting today this successful man tells something that I already knew, but to hear it from someone like him, well, it just strengthened my beliefs.
You see, as a human being we have no limits. The only limits we have are the ones we set ourselves in our own minds.

We must look into the future and believe that you as an individual can accomplish your dreams because you as an individual have that right to prosperity and happiness.

‘Life is sometimes worth a minute to stop and take a good look at your surroundings
and there you might find the sunshine of your life’
Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant



Thank you
Luciano Santini MBA
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Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.