Hello my friends how are you today;

I was reading a book today that I had been looking for a very long time.
It was book I had written a long time back when I was a teenager;

I realize that life can be hurtful and painful most of the time, but what I can tell you is that if you continue on the same road it will be a bad ending. Let me ask you a few questions about life;

What is it that you are looking for?
What is it that you really want?
Who is it that you want to be?
Who is it that you want to become?
The answers are inside of you and if you need help getting to the point in finding them let me know.
I will answer your questions on my blogs and keep an eye out for Luciano The Key Santini motivate you at a near coming up seminars in the real near future through out the Antelope Valley California.

Life is what you make it because life is always there no matter how you look at it.

The Mirror
I stand in the middle of this room staring at this mirror looking at someone
I do not know this person that is looking back at me.
Who is this person, I do not even know who you are.
The person looking at me is staring at me with a grimace I do not like it.
I hate this look from this person why does he not stop.
Stop! stop! Stop looking at me now!!
Finally It stops because suddenly there was a smile from inside.
I like the smile that came from this persons face I liked it.
I realized that the person I did not like was me all along.
I was afraid for a while until I found the person I liked inside.
That person suddenly touched my soul from deep inside.
I stared at this face and for a long time wondering how could I keep this person happy.
I looked at the mirror every day making sure the person in the mirror smiled at me.
I did that for a long time thinking great thoughts and bringing those thoughts to life each and every day.
I finally beat that bully in the mirror and voila!!! the greatest friend came from the mirror because I believed he could be happy every day and with a positive attitude.
Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

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Luciano Santini MBA
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Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.