I’ve been working hard on my new book! It’s been flowing wonderfully. I just bought myself the latest version of Word. Before that all I had was the freebie writing programs. I figured since I’ve had three books published, I deserve to have the best. I also bought a very nice Lenovo laptop. It’s the best. Now I’m all set to write as many books as my heart desires.
In Earthwalker I’ve got the lead male character, Paul (who’s a vampire from another planet), reverting to his primal instincts for human blood. So far he’s resisting the terrible temptation as best he can, but is it only a matter of time before he takes a human victim? I can’t say, but it’s not looking too good for him. Something about Earth is having bad effects on him. And what about Willa? Is there anything she can do to help him with his blood lust? He’s never fed on anything but animals before he came to Earth. Paul almost attacked her friend, Katie, when she came over to visit. I guess he’ll have to stay away from humans now. I just put in a lovely sex scene. They both had a momentous time, believe me!
Then there’s the Council Elders, who have a few questions for Paul about the two vampires he ripped to shreds. They were evil, and after Willa, but the Elders aren’t happy. Neither are the local authorities who found Willa’s truck in the vicinity of the vicious murders. They have some serious questions for her. Looks like these two young lovers have some problems to work out. Where will it lead next? I’ll try and keep you updated on their progress as I write on! Til next time-