The mind what is the mind and what does it take to control our thoughts and get them on the right track?

Well my friends these are tough questions we need to sit down and ponder upon are they not.
You see when we think we let our minds begin to wonder out into the blue somewhere in space with no direction.

When we do such things on a daily basis we need to stop and think about our thoughts like what are they and where do they come from. Sometimes our thoughts will take a life of their own. When something like that happens we as individuals become troubled and non caring.

This is when we need to sit and take control of those thoughts that have gone wild and on their own. This is when we can figure out all of our issues. This is the time when we need to not only control our thinking but try to make sense of it all.

You may ask at this time; How do we do that? Well you see you need to follow certain ideas and certain formulas. These formulas are within each of us. They are our energies our life force and mother nature and all the universal laws.

Look over this poem and find the answer with in the prose;

The universe is our guide

Here I am in the middle of the sun bathing in the rays.
The heat penetrates my soul and body at once.

My mind races across the universe like a shooting star.
Running and stopping like a stop watch of time.

Time ha ha ha what is time; time is nothing more than an empty space.
Life brings time to a dead stop at our command within our reach it is.

The universe binds the time,the sun and you and me at the same time.
The universe is everything that surrounds us from within to outside of us.

We see the world we see the people we see the animals we see what we think we see.
Our minds, our souls, our worlds are they not different for every single human being out there.

We are but faces on this universe looking from the inside out what we see is not reality or is it.
If it is reality then what are you seeing because my reality is not your reality.

You see what you see from one side when I look at it it looks different I do not see what you see or perceive to be what you see.

We can become who we want to become.
We can see what we want to see.
We can achieve what we want to achieve.

‘The universe is our guide for all of the above we have to but do the research and we shall find the answers within our souls.’

Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant


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Luciano Santini MBA
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