First off, if you have not seen this movie, go see it… if not for the stunning 3D effects, then for the beautiful message it conveys.
Briefly, here is a plot recap…The scenario is set in the year 2154. Most of the natural resources on Earth have been depleted through excessive and ruthless exploitation. A mission is set to use military force to conquer Pandora to acquire a unique mineral that is desperately needed on Earth. Pandora is inhabited by a wise, peaceful, and nature-loving blue skinned beings who call themselves the Na’vi. They are warriors and ready to protect their habitat. They understand and respect their connection with nature and worship a pantheistic deity they call Eywa.
The Na’vi are an indigenous species who not only understand but embody the meaning of the interconnectedness of everything. Their habitat on Pandora is simply breathtaking with the Hometree being their primary residence. The Na’vi truly live in harmony with all the energies of Nature… from the ‘deadly’ animals to the beautiful fauna. They understand that everything contains the Whole and is, at the same time, an inherent part of it. The Na’vi have the ability to transcend their individuality and see themselves as inherent elements of a bigger structure- the all encompassing global Consciousness.
Does this sound familiar? Living in harmony with the earth’s energy. This is the cornerstone and entire purpose of Feng Shui. And, yes, we can all have our own Hometree. And, yes, we can (and many people already do and are) experience and live by the interconnectedness of all energy. Although we don’t live outdoors in a jungle, our home can be just as interconnected as the Na’vi’s Hometree. There is energy running through every piece of furniture and component of your home, not to mention your pets, the birds and squirrels outside, and, yes, your neighbors. Pandora is not a fantasy but a reality that is present right now. We need only to stop, be still, and feel. In the movie, they used their tails as their feeling source. Although we don’t have tails, we do have the ability to tune in and feel the energy of everything around us. This movie just gave us the visual of how energy works.
My favorite part of the movie was when Jake went to pray to their god(dess) Eywa to stop the invasion, Neytiri said to him, “She protects the balance of ALL life.” In other words, she takes no sides but instead protects the balance of life. And so is true with Mother Earth. We live on a Planet and in a Universe that is constantly making adjustments, sometimes minor and other times major, to maintain an energetic balance. This balance of energy trickles down to each one of us as we seek to balance our own personal energy. And like the Hometree, we need to protect and maintain the balance of energy within our part of the Earth that we inhabit… our home. This is Feng Shui.