I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my next book. I think it will be about a being from another planet who falls in love with an Earth woman. This is, of course, just the basic premise, but it leaves the imagination wide open for what could happen. I would have to create a being who looked human for one thing. Maybe the woman is out backpacking in the back country somewhere out in the middle of nowhere and sees a UFO crash. She could come upon the scene and meet this “man.” Maybe they would stay near the crash sight until he is up to trekking back to her house. Maybe he has an agenda for coming to Earth. He could be an emissary of some sort, coming to contact us for the first time from his planet. He could have a strange name, but she would call him something more common. I haven’t figured out the names yet, but have a few ideas. Names are so important in a book.

The woman would probably be really scared at first, but when she finds him she can’t help but feel sorry for him. They could be very young. Maybe in their 20s. They should both be complicated people. He would have certain characteristics because he’s not from Earth. Maybe his body temperature is very hot and he has to be kept very warm. Maybe it’s about to snow, and she has to get him out of there quickly. She could build a fire to keep him warm. Maybe he’s very wise, but in other ways–Earth ways– he is completely ignorant. I’d have to think of a title, too. Too bad Star Man is already taken! lol

After walking down to the water’s edge, Willa cupped her hand in the fast flowing water to get a drink. Since she was at the headwaters of the Sacramento River, she felt it was safe enough to drink without her filtering water bottle. She stood up and looked around her. This was a truly pristine area she had chosen for her backpack into nature. It was early spring, and there was a light sprinkling of snow on the ground, but the weather forecast called for warm temperatures, possibly even hitting the 70s the next day. The trees around her already had tiny buds on them, ready to shoot out new growth. The grassy field she had just passed had hundreds of tiny wildflowers in full bloom.

Willa looked up at the mountains around her. They were capped in white, and there was a soft lenticular cloud off to the side of the top of Mt. Shasta. It was beginning to get a pinkish glow to it as the sun went down. It was getting late. Time to set up camp. She turned towards the meadow and walked over to a copse of evergreen trees, stunted because of the high altitude. This, she thought, would make a nice place to put her little tent.

After slinging her heavy backpack to the ground, Willa began the routine setup of her camp. She began by collecting twigs and fallen wood for a fire. There were some rocks to make a circle around it. As she built the fire, tears came to her eyes as she thought of her son, Nick, who had lost his life two years before as he rode his bike into the path of a drunk driver. She let the tears come this time. It was one of the reasons she liked to come all the way out here into the deep woods. Nobody to judge her here, or offer sympathy. She could just be alone with her pain.

I love writing!
This, I think, is a good start. I’ve set the scene and created some complications. We are developing a relationship with the first character in the story. I feel great about starting my next book!