I have rarely read a book that has touched me so deeply. This is a story of the journey of one woman who has a gift. She develops this gift slowly, but surely throughout her life. It is the gift of healing, among other things. Judith Orloff takes the reader through her rough teenage years, when she felt like an outcast amongst her peers. She felt her gift made her damaged in some way. Yet she goes through this time with courage and grace.

We already know Judith is a prominent psychiatrist, so I’m giving nothing away by saying that she decided to become one so she could integrate her medical practice with her healing gift. Unfortunately things didn’t go exactly as she planned, which she discusses quite aptly in this book.

Her story is unique and her writing is flawless. She teaches us even as she discovers herself through her writing. I learned so much from this book. For one, I learned that everyone has this innate healing ability. I have used it myself and it does work. Judith makes sure the reader realizes that she is not unique in this way. In fact, she encourages others to reach out and try this work for yourself.

I think a lot of people would get a lot out of reading this book. Judith is a courageous woman with much to say about her incredible life and what it has taught her. We see her grow into a very powerful woman and healer. I was hooked by the first few paragraphs, and all the way to the end. She had me mesmerized from the very beginning. Her story is so incredibly unique. I think very few people would regret reading this wonderful story. She is in a league of her own as far as books go. I can’t even think of another book that compares to this one. I was highly impressed. Her writing style is unique and you can envision the scenes she paints quite vividly.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is even slightly interested in the healing arts.

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