My oldest son died eight years ago by his own hand. I still struggle with the grief. I think we all suffer from some past grief, and it makes me wonder. Sometimes I don’t understand why we have to suffer on this world of ours. It’s such a strange setup in my opinion. I think that’s one reason us writers can reach into our imaginations and pull out the myriad of stories that want to be told.

I’ve been waiting for a dream to tell me what story I want to tell next. Nothing has been very clear as of yet. I know I want to have a strong, but quirky guy for the lead. I’m also thinking of maybe writing a screenplay instead of a novel this time. I have a software program for it that’s supposed to make it easier. I wrote a play called Angel in the House several years back. If I could do that, I think I could write a screenplay. And wouldn’t it just be the most exciting thing in the world to actually have it make it to the silver screen? I can’t imagine anything better. So maybe I’ll take a crack at it. I have some connections, too.

I wouldn’t want it like anything else I’ve seen. And it would have to have a love story sub-plot. I always have to have that. Except there would have to be a bunch of roadblocks. It won’t be easy. Maybe they work together. Maybe he’s a detective. Or he could be a poet caught up in something edgy. She could be his muse. Or possibly his enemy. He could be chasing her down, but find out later that he was wrong about her. She would be strong, too. But maybe she would be grieving over someone close to her that died. I want to put in a lot of atmosphere. Where should the story be set? I lived in San Francisco growing up, so I know the city pretty well. That’s option one. Option two would be a small town on the north coast of California just like where I now live. Humboldt County is about as screwy a place as you are likely to find in the U.S. It’s main sustaining economy is based on marijuana cultivation and sales.

So there it is; the beginning of a possible book or screenplay. I’ll be thinking of the storyline as I daydream in my head of all the different possibilities for these two characters. I feel like starting on it very soon.