Deborah Denicola has shared her incredible journey with us through poems and her words, along with many appropriate quotes along the way. She starts off as any ordinary woman, but ends up having visions that she doesn’t always understand. She was raised Catholic, and has a tendency towards depression. But with the help of her many friends she is able to transform into more of her whole self.

Deborah goes through her many stages of growth by using meditation and readings from different higher souls. She does a lot of traveling to places like Isreal and France, where her middle eye opens to show her other lifetimes she has lived. Her approach is very down to earth and I felt close to her as she warily integrated her strange experiences into her life.

In Isreal with her mother, she has almost constant visions of angels in the places Christ was supposed to have done work. In France she and her friends track down the many Madonnas throughout the region. They are fascinated by the worshiping of the Magdalen there. Mary is central to their religion there. There are many moments of synchronicity for Deborah and her fellow wanderers.

I really appreciated the author’s unique perspective on what many of us women on this spiritual journey are experiencing. I loved her poems sprinkled throughout the text. She is essentially a poet, but also shows us she can write beautifully, too. It was a difficult book to put down. I’ll end with a piece of one of her poems.

“her rainbow is here-

strong feminine bridge

at the dawn of an aeon.”

Deborah DeNicola is the author of five poetry collections and she edited the anthology Orpheus & Company; Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology. Among other awards she won a Poetry Fellowship in 1997 from the National Endowment for the Arts. Deborah has been a recipient of many writing colony residencies. She also teaches dream image work and mentors writers online at her web site To purchase a copy of The Future That Brought Her Here and receive up to 20 bonus gifts, please visit: