I have a new book coming out by the end of January called Deadly Lucidity. It’s about a woman who has learned how to lucid dream, which means her mind is conscious of whatever is happening in her dreams (or nightmares!). But soon the trouble begins as she is attacked by a deranged man in her dreams. She is terrified because she can’t wake up. But this is only the beginning of a terrible journey she must undertake to get back into her “real” life.
Marie has help, though, in the handsome Ranger named Murphy. He has lived in this strange world as long as he can remember and has the skills it takes to keep the two of them alive. There are others who help them along the way, on their journey to find the great Fortress where they may be able to find the way home. The way is fraught with danger, though. At every twist and turn Marie and the Ranger must find within themselves the strength and wisdom to continue through this insane world.