This is a blog about my new book, Quantum Earth, which will be out the end of March at This is a fictional thriller about a team of metaphysical scientists studying the effects of widespread and increasingly dangerous natural disasters. The main question is: Do we create our own reality and, if so, are we somehow creating these devastating disasters? Why would we do that? Could it be that humanity realizes it is like a terrible virus on mother Earth that must be obliterated?
The group’s financial backer is a nasty villain named Beckham. He has certain evil reasons to find out the answers to these questions and wants the team to figure things out so they can somehow save the Earth from total destruction, which has been foretold for ages by such peoples as the Hopi, with their Blue Star Katchina story, and the Mayans, who have recorded time longer than any other culture, except that their calendar ends on the Winter Solstice of the year 2012.
Beckham has a kind of other-worldly being guiding him, who was once incarnated as one of Hitler’s main scientists. His goal is to save the Earth so he can incarnate once again to do more evil.
Hawk and Shauna are the two main characters leading the team in their quest. They are contacted by beings from another planet, called the Starborn ones. These people want to help them straighten things out on our planet, as they have watched it and studied it since time began for human life on Earth.
One of the team is Noah, a trance channeler. He is able to contact those who have passed on to find out if they wished ill for themselves or the Earth. He gets much more than he bargained for.
People who would like to read this are interested in the metaphysical aspects of our world. They want to know more about the world we live in than is on its face.