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Luciano Santini’s Words of Wisdom

Hello my friends. it has been a couple of days, but here I am again.
I had a wonderful day today! Why do you think I had such a great day? Well where can I start?

Today I worked, and helped a few people find what they were looking for. Then I came home and played with my boys, which is always the highlight of my day.

I had a meeting with a great company, and the owners, well, were the most humble and real people I have ever known. I expected something else walking into their building, and I have to say I was truly pleased with the way the meeting started and ended.

You see, sometimes we think of people as being so different than ourselves, and because we believe and think a certain way we end up alone, and sometimes with no friends.
I believe in one thing and that is that as long as people in general believe
that they are different then they are, we will continue to fail in life as human beings.

As business owners start their dreams and goals something happens along the way, and that is that they forget their dreams once they start the journey, and only those that remember and stay with their end result in mind will succeed.

The human rain is the undiscovered world. It cannot be tamed by anyone but you, and that is because you are the only one that can control your thoughts that come into your mind.
We need to somehow believe that we can reach our dreams and goals no matter how difficult they may seem.

In my meeting today this successful man tells something that I already knew, but to hear it from someone like him, well, it just strengthened my beliefs.
You see, as a human being we have no limits. The only limits we have are the ones we set ourselves in our own minds.

We must look into the future and believe that you as an individual can accomplish your dreams because you as an individual have that right to prosperity and happiness.

‘Life is sometimes worth a minute to stop and take a good look at your surroundings
and there you might find the sunshine of your life’
Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant


Thank you
Luciano Santini MBA
All Content in this email is Copyright
© Luciano Santini and may not be republished
in any format without express permission.

Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.

An Interview With Author Paul Hayden

Here is a recent interview I did with up and coming author, Paul Hayden. He is gifted with amazing talent, whether in the form of poetry or prose. He has just begun this journey we authors face, trying to get a book published. He is currently working on a book of poetry. I hope you all enjoy the interview.

1. When did you first get the writing bug?

To be honest I first became interested by way of punishment, I was a smart mouthed little sod at school and my English teacher decided detention was the best way to deal with me.
I had to write a story about regret then a poem…….it became my favourite subject and needless to say I behaved from then on!

2. What authors and books did you like while growing up and how did they influence you?

Believe it or not I’m not a big reader, I’ve always been a comic book fan and now own over 6,000 which I understand makes me a geek. I did like reading Roald Dahl as a child though.

3. Who do you like to read now?

Lots and lots of comic books!

4. What inspires you to write and why?

My children and wife most certainly do, they’re fantastic!
I do listen to various music while I write, depending on what I’m writing depends on the music……classical to thrash metal!!
5. Do you belong to any writing groups?

I belong to online groups through Facebook and other sites like Triond……a great community out there.

6. What kind of things do you like to write about?

Whatever’s in my head comes out, I don’t really have a “genre.”
If it comes out funny or sad or poo your pants scary then its supposed too.

7. What kind of support do you have in your life that helps you keep writing?

Goes back to my family and friends, have made some amazing friends around the world through writing.

8. What do you do when or if you get writers’ block?

Either walk away from my writing for a day or get really really frustrated……grrrrrrr!!

9. Have you taken any classes in writing?

I was doing a course from home but due to the reality that is the day job I struggled to keep up with that as well as write my book…….I decided to concentrate on my book and online work, I stand by my decision. :)

10. Where can readers read some of your work?

Well they can either contact me on Facebook and check my group “The Life and Mind of ME” or on Twitter.!/profile.php?id=1131902410!/group.php?gid=112733982080910

WriterPHayden on Twitter

Just A Taste of Earthwalker

He stared right through her. Then he saw the blood dripping down her leg. For the first time since she’d gotten to know him, she felt fear. Willa looked down at the glass on the floor. There was a good sized piece she could use to defend herself if she could get it in time. But Paul was next to her in an instant. He looked into her eyes as he bent over. Then he put a finger to the blood on her leg and lifted it to his lips.
“Just one taste,” he said. He put the finger to his tongue and closed his eyes. Willa held as still as she could. Paul seemed to savor the taste. After moments had passed he opened his eyes. They glowed red again.

Latest Post by Luciano Santini

Hello my friends how are you today;

I was reading a book today that I had been looking for a very long time.
It was book I had written a long time back when I was a teenager;

I realize that life can be hurtful and painful most of the time, but what I can tell you is that if you continue on the same road it will be a bad ending. Let me ask you a few questions about life;

What is it that you are looking for?
What is it that you really want?
Who is it that you want to be?
Who is it that you want to become?
The answers are inside of you and if you need help getting to the point in finding them let me know.
I will answer your questions on my blogs and keep an eye out for Luciano The Key Santini motivate you at a near coming up seminars in the real near future through out the Antelope Valley California.

Life is what you make it because life is always there no matter how you look at it.

The Mirror
I stand in the middle of this room staring at this mirror looking at someone
I do not know this person that is looking back at me.
Who is this person, I do not even know who you are.
The person looking at me is staring at me with a grimace I do not like it.
I hate this look from this person why does he not stop.
Stop! stop! Stop looking at me now!!
Finally It stops because suddenly there was a smile from inside.
I like the smile that came from this persons face I liked it.
I realized that the person I did not like was me all along.
I was afraid for a while until I found the person I liked inside.
That person suddenly touched my soul from deep inside.
I stared at this face and for a long time wondering how could I keep this person happy.
I looked at the mirror every day making sure the person in the mirror smiled at me.
I did that for a long time thinking great thoughts and bringing those thoughts to life each and every day.
I finally beat that bully in the mirror and voila!!! the greatest friend came from the mirror because I believed he could be happy every day and with a positive attitude.
Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant


Thank you
Luciano Santini MBA
All Content in this email is Copyright
© Luciano Santini and may not be republished
in any format without express permission.

Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.

Sarah Brightman – Deliver me

This is an amazing video!

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The Greer Agency Blog Tour

An exciting new approach to detective novels, 15 interconnected short stories
involving a different kind of private eye.

The Greer Agency is 75k words of gritty detective fiction presented in 15
separate but connected stories. The reader follows the development of private
detective Mike Greer, the only PI in the Altoona, PA phone book. It’s tough to
make a living in a decaying old railroad town, but with the help of an
anonymous benefactor, Greer lands some interesting cases—cases that he
solves with guts and determination. Throughout the stories, his budding
romance with Susan grows. Eventually they realize they are right for each

Readers will find Mike Greer an accessible everyman with luck, pluck, smarts
and a host of interesting friends. He finds his way into and out of problems
large and small. Greer narrates the stories in a refreshing and original voice.
Each story has its own plot and can stand on its own but, as the book
progresses, the mysteries pile up and the plots get more complex until the
explosive last story.

Mike Greer is a protagonist with a low tolerance for bullshit and an easy
touch for the emotional pleas of the downtrodden. He works alone and
struggles against an uncaring world. But throw no pity party for the man, he
will have none of it. His melancholy is tightly wrapped inside his tough guy
exterior, and pity just bounces off as he walks away, down the dark sidewalks
of Altoona into the next story.

Now available in print and e-book format from All Things That matter Press:

or from from Amazon:

The World Is What We Make It by Luciano Santini

When we search for the best in life what is it that we must find and once it has been found how do we apply it to reach our goals.

That is a difficult question to answer is it not. I find life to be a difficult thing to deal with as it is. I find that sometimes our own children will tell us when life is difficult. Has any of your children or friends ever say to you “You are not fair” And you say oh yea well “Life is not fair”

Do you say that because you know that life is not fair or do you say it because it is a saying you had heard somewhere at some point in your life from someone or your own parents growing up.

Either way you are correct life is not fair but not because life itself had made our lives unfair but simply because we have been trained from a young age to think that way.

There is a better way to a great life and begins by changing the way you think and by how you look at your current situation.

You see my friend’s life can bring you whatever it is you are seeking and all you have to do is start thinking differently. I know I know it is not that easy but guess what it actually is.

Life is beautiful and there so many things that can make your life as such all you have to do is look around you

‘We As Humans Take Life For Granted Until It Begins To Slip Away Then And Only Then Do We Want To Make Changes, But Then It Might Be A Really Slow Realization That Life Has Slipped Away. Take Each Day As A Breath Of Fresh Air To Life’

Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant


Thank you
Luciano Santini MBA
All Content in this email is Copyright
© Luciano Santini and may not be republished
in any format without express permission.

Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.



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Jen Knox: ATTMP Author of the Week

Jen Knox: ATTMP Author of the Week.

Progress on Earthwalker

I’ve been working hard on my new book! It’s been flowing wonderfully. I just bought myself the latest version of Word. Before that all I had was the freebie writing programs. I figured since I’ve had three books published, I deserve to have the best. I also bought a very nice Lenovo laptop. It’s the best. Now I’m all set to write as many books as my heart desires.
In Earthwalker I’ve got the lead male character, Paul (who’s a vampire from another planet), reverting to his primal instincts for human blood. So far he’s resisting the terrible temptation as best he can, but is it only a matter of time before he takes a human victim? I can’t say, but it’s not looking too good for him. Something about Earth is having bad effects on him. And what about Willa? Is there anything she can do to help him with his blood lust? He’s never fed on anything but animals before he came to Earth. Paul almost attacked her friend, Katie, when she came over to visit. I guess he’ll have to stay away from humans now. I just put in a lovely sex scene. They both had a momentous time, believe me!
Then there’s the Council Elders, who have a few questions for Paul about the two vampires he ripped to shreds. They were evil, and after Willa, but the Elders aren’t happy. Neither are the local authorities who found Willa’s truck in the vicinity of the vicious murders. They have some serious questions for her. Looks like these two young lovers have some problems to work out. Where will it lead next? I’ll try and keep you updated on their progress as I write on! Til next time-

Giveaways (#2)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Giveaways (#2)
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The universe is our guide

The mind what is the mind and what does it take to control our thoughts and get them on the right track?

Well my friends these are tough questions we need to sit down and ponder upon are they not.
You see when we think we let our minds begin to wonder out into the blue somewhere in space with no direction.

When we do such things on a daily basis we need to stop and think about our thoughts like what are they and where do they come from. Sometimes our thoughts will take a life of their own. When something like that happens we as individuals become troubled and non caring.

This is when we need to sit and take control of those thoughts that have gone wild and on their own. This is when we can figure out all of our issues. This is the time when we need to not only control our thinking but try to make sense of it all.

You may ask at this time; How do we do that? Well you see you need to follow certain ideas and certain formulas. These formulas are within each of us. They are our energies our life force and mother nature and all the universal laws.

Look over this poem and find the answer with in the prose;

The universe is our guide

Here I am in the middle of the sun bathing in the rays.
The heat penetrates my soul and body at once.

My mind races across the universe like a shooting star.
Running and stopping like a stop watch of time.

Time ha ha ha what is time; time is nothing more than an empty space.
Life brings time to a dead stop at our command within our reach it is.

The universe binds the time,the sun and you and me at the same time.
The universe is everything that surrounds us from within to outside of us.

We see the world we see the people we see the animals we see what we think we see.
Our minds, our souls, our worlds are they not different for every single human being out there.

We are but faces on this universe looking from the inside out what we see is not reality or is it.
If it is reality then what are you seeing because my reality is not your reality.

You see what you see from one side when I look at it it looks different I do not see what you see or perceive to be what you see.

We can become who we want to become.
We can see what we want to see.
We can achieve what we want to achieve.

‘The universe is our guide for all of the above we have to but do the research and we shall find the answers within our souls.’

Luciano Santini

Professional Motivational Speaker

Business Consultant


Thank you
Luciano Santini MBA
All Content in this email is Copyright
© Luciano Santini and may not be republished
in any format without express permission.

Remember that life begins when you decide to make a small change.

The Swindler Blog Tour

“The Swindler” by Michelle Kaye Malsbury
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
ISBN 978-0-9844219-4-7
Genre: suspense, thriller, mystery, fiction
How easy is it for an investment broker to deceive clients? Very, particularly if his personal hero is Bernie Madoff. Skip Horowitz, along with his old pal A.J., has created what they believe is a foolproof scheme using commodities trading, bookmaking, and various other businesses as covers. Their plan has served them well for decades, surviving the scrutiny of government agencies lacking solid proof to support any allegations of wrongdoing. But luck can’t hold forever…or can it? Catherine O’Reilley, newly sponsored in the high-risk world of investment strategy by Skip Horowitz, is about to find out.
About the Author
Michelle Malsbury was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois. Currently she resides in Florida. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Business Management. She has just completed her first year of doctoral studies in the discipline of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies with high hopes of helping to build nations and sustain peaceful interactions around the globe.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About “The Swindler”:
1.Judy Ramsook from the Austin News Service, Austin, TX 4/9/10 Review for “The Swindler”:
In The Swindler, by Michelle Malsbury, you will find yourself being pulled in to a fictional tale of romance and a lot commodities swindling through the eyes of a third person narrator.

So come along and meet true to life and memorable characters such as: Catherine, The Realtor/Commodities Broker, Connie, Catherine’s best friend, Shamus, Real Estate Broker and the man who thinks he is the right man for Catherine and last but not least, Skip Horowitz, a ruthless Ponzi Schemer who is being investigated by the Feds.
It’s a gripping tale that will make you want to keep turning those pages to see what happens next.

Set in Key West, Florida, the author displays her vast love for and knowledge of the area so well, that if you have not been there and know nothing about Key West, perusing The Swindler by Michelle Malsbury will indeed give you a rich education into that paradise.
So come on and enjoy this well written and detailed tale and see if Catherine really thinks Shamus is the right man for her, and if the elusive Skip Horowitz gets the justice he so deserves.
I enjoyed it and I think you will too.
2.Mike Fentem, longtime friend of Michelle Kaye Malsbury, review for The Swindler on 5/21/10:

I’ve known Michelle since she was fifteen or sixteen years old. We grew up in the same small town in Illinois and went to the same schools, pools, and parks. She was always fun and had a good imagination. I’ll be the first to admit that back then who would have thunk that she would become a author? However, I have had the pleasure of reading both of her books and have found them to be well written and fun reading! The characters are inventive and interesting. The stories take places in fun and exotic locales. The plot builds from chapter to chapter keeping the reader engaged in what may occur next and how it will all end. The main character, Skip, is a enigma himself with a ego larger than life. His thirst for money and fast women was second to none, but I liked getting to know him while reading this book. Besides having little, to no, scruples, he does manage to keep his ponzi scheme and other illigitimate business endeavors pretty secret for a number of years while he rakes in oodles of cash and stashes it all around the globe. However, can he outlast the SEC and other regulatory agencies, who is hot on his tail or is his time up? I truly enjoyed The Swindler and I believe you will too!
3.Thomas Keyes Review for The Swindler by Michelle Kaye Malsbury, 5/14/2010:

The Swindler is a fast-moving, hard-hitting account of a swindler who, with his batch of subalterns, ran a Ponzi scheme in Key West and elsewhere. The tale is so realistic and convincing that you can hardly believe that it didn’t really happen and that the authoress is not in there somewhere, perhaps as Catherine, the honest realtor who gets embroiled in the mess.

The racket consisted of selling counterfeit commodities futures mostly to fairly well-heeled middle class types, and following up by generating bogus statements showing earnings. It may be difficult to feel overly compassionate for someone worth several hundred thousand dollars who gets stung for fifty, but there are a lot of smaller victims too.

The most touching was a young girl in Central America whom Skip, the swindler, got pregnant.  She was hoping this pregnancy would bind them together and enable them to live a beautiful life.  Then the blow fell.  Skip was arrested and prosecuted, and the girl’s dreams flowed away in tears.

The pages are full of unsavory characters, and the action moves from Florida to the Bahamas to Costa Rica to Las Vegas.

The language is earthy. Read it, you’ll like it.

4.Billy O’Toole Pre-review for The Swindler by Michelle Kaye Malsbury, BSBM, MM
All Things That Matter’s Press, ISBN 978-0-9844219-4-7: 2/22/10
Hi Michelle,
During a long and successful career in the trucking business, I always carried a stack of books to entertain myself and hopefully learn a little something also.  One of my favorites was Steven Frey because he always had some insights into the dark side of finance along with great characters.  Move over Frey and make room for Michelle Malsbury!
The Swindler has great characters, some lovable, and some not, but all believable.  Indeed, I felt like I already knew many and were acquainted with several others.  There were the obvious evil ones but the mindset of good ones being led along and seduced by money and the good life was particularly poignant. 
When my business blew up because I had no customers anymore, I began to study finance moved to being a Senior Financial Consultant.  In the process of interviews and study I felt like I met many of her characters, things just didn’t feel right, but oh so seductive!
All this set in quirky and sultry southern Florida, I could feel the humidity, see the pastels, and revel in the ambience.  What more could anyone want in book?
Bill O’Toole 
Senior Financial Consultant
Southern Commercial Corp 
Columbia, Mo.
573 808 2122
5.Marilou Trask-Curtin Review for TheSwindler:

Michelle:  First of all, congrats on an absolutely incredible book!!! Have you also written this as a screenplay????!!!! Would be amazing to watch and the timing seems right as well. 
I only found a couple of blips but after I wrote them down lost the note where I had written the page numbers. The  main one: There was mention of the basketball team the KNICKS…you had it written as the NICKS…that would need to be corrected as we New Yorker’s who are KNICKS fans would probably retaliate by throwing soggy basketballs your way–LOL…otherwise, an incredible story…!!!
The Review:  “The Swindler”  – an incredibly fast-paced roller-coaster ride through the world of illegal commodities trading with enough sun and sin to heat up every reader’s day (and night.)  Michelle Malsbury at her finest!  A definite must read!
                                           Marilou Trask-Curtin, Author of “In My Grandfather’s House:
                                        A Catskill Journal”
Thanks again for the opportunity to read “The Swindler” and I wish you all the best with it.  Also, sorry it took so long….
Take care,
PS: I love the way you got MJ into the story with the crotch grabbing episode  :-]

Purchase Information: link for The Swindler and Kindle Reader orders (see above)

Author Links:

Gulf Pledge

The Sorcerer’s Dream by Alysa Braceau

We invite you to join s on the virtual tour for The Sorcerer’s Dream by Alysa Braceau (Dreamshield). The full schedule can be seen at  You can learn much more about Dreamshield and her work on her website – The book can be ordered on Amazon – SPECIAL OFFER – Every time you post a comment on any tour post – you will be entered into a drawing for a $35 Amazon gift card — so, share your thoughts with us.

About The Sorcerer’s Dream: An Initiation into the Sorcerer’s World
This is the autobiographical story of a young woman bumping into the enigmatic sorcerer Running Deer and her initiation into the sorcerer’s world and mastering conscious dreaming. It takes the reader throughout the magic realms of the unknown and gives a new approach to the traditional training of women sorcerers.
The riveting autobiographical account The Sorcerer’s Dream written by Dreamshield takes the reader throughout the magic realms of the unknown and mastering conscious dreaming. This book, following the traditions of Carlos Castaneda and others, gives a new approach to the traditional training of women sorcerers.
The author describes her initiation into the surrealistic world of dreaming and magic, following the teachings of ‘Man of Knowledge’ Running Deer. In the heart of Amsterdam, a thrilling stride unfolds in obtaining the knowledge of the Second Reality on the way to the ultimate goal: finding the Totality of the Self!
The combination of unusual instructions and experiences within the sorcerer’s world and the level-headedness of a very Dutch woman offers the reader excitement and contemplation on the way to the source of this reality, finding the ultimate self through the experiences and understanding of Dreamshield herself. Up until the last page the reader remains intrigued whether Dreamshield will reach her goal.
Right by the author’s side or facing her stands the character of Running Deer. Sometimes mysterious, then challenging, strict as a guru, or vulnerable as a visitor in a foreign country. However, the precise description of these distinctive steps on the road to her initiation stand like milestones in the landscape of this unique history.
About Alysa Baceau, Dreamshield
Dreamshield (Alysa Braceau) studied social work and is a freelance journalist who writes for newspapers and magazines. She has a Healing Practice and gives workshops about the Art of Mastering Conscious Dreaming and Dream Healing.

The Sorcerer’s dream is about my initiation into the sorcerer’s world and mastering conscious dreaming. It is a spiritual adventure which takes the reader into the magic realms of the unknown and one can learn and practice the Art of Dreaming (the skill of conscious dreaming) him/herself.
In the next excerpt I’m at the point in my learning process that I am able to wake conscious from one dream into another, which was indicated beforehand by being stuck between doors in a dream. My dreaming teacher Vidar said that being stuck in between doors suggests becoming stuck in between two realities, “that is to be expected during a certain phase of the training. You will automatically experience this.”
‘I tell Vidar it felt spectacular to be fully conscious and waking into another dream. Conscious dreaming gives me a rush. The experience has given me renewed energy to jump into the following experience. However, the same problem presents itself time and again. When the awareness fully hits and I look forward and contemplate how to shape the reality, I quickly have to decide as I realize I am slowly running out of dream energy. In the end, the border between waking and dreaming is wafer-thin.

Vidar had discouraged me to look into Castaneda, but I could not help looking up how he handled it. I read in The Art of Dreaming, that Don Juan advised him to blink his eyes and to glance at his dream-characters briefly, preserving the dream longer. I practice blinking my eyes first in everyday reality and soon I saw results in a lucid dream where I meet my mother. As the technique prescribes, I take brief glances of my surroundings and look at my mother from the side, not fixated at all. My mother walks along a circle from the north to the east and I walk behind her on the right in the inner circle and ask her quickly: “How are you?” I blink my eyes obsessively.

“Not too well,” she answers and gives me a careful smile, hinting at depression. As I blink my eyes, I have to conclude that she really does look awful. I miss her terribly. She died over a year ago due to breast cancer, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. In the limited dreamtime that is left, we share our feelings and forge a bond. It feels as though I met her in the flesh.

“Well done” Vidar compliments. “You used the flashing eye-technique, dismantling and fixating the dream.” I ask him concerned, why my mother is ill, even now that she has passed away.

“Perhaps that was the way to draw your attention.” He has got a point there. Whenever she felt ill, we would all rush to her.

“Your mother is one of your ancestors,” he continues “and in that capacity she transfers knowledge to you.”

In a following dream, my mother speaks to me when I drive through the city in my car. Her voice sounds clear in my head. As we drive underneath an overpass, I ask her: “Where are you?”

“In your whole legacy,” she replies.

“What do you mean?” I ask her excited. I am afraid to miss what she has to say because of the noise of the overpass. “I can’t explain,” she says.

“Why not?” I ask her. “By the way, you’re not even my mother,” I suddenly say defensively. “You sound different.” I conclude that she has a different tone of voice. When we get out from underneath the overpass, the voice says: “I am your most beloved mother.” And then I understand. She is the universal mother.

What Do Avatar and Feng Shui Have in Common?

First off, if you have not seen this movie, go see it… if not for the stunning 3D effects, then for the beautiful message it conveys.
Briefly, here is a plot recap…The scenario is set in the year 2154. Most of the natural resources on Earth have been depleted through excessive and ruthless exploitation. A mission is set to use military force to conquer Pandora to acquire a unique mineral that is desperately needed on Earth. Pandora is inhabited by a wise, peaceful, and nature-loving blue skinned beings who call themselves the Na’vi. They are warriors and ready to protect their habitat. They understand and respect their connection with nature and worship a pantheistic deity they call Eywa.
The Na’vi are an indigenous species who not only understand but embody the meaning of the interconnectedness of everything. Their habitat on Pandora is simply breathtaking with the Hometree being their primary residence. The Na’vi truly live in harmony with all the energies of Nature… from the ‘deadly’ animals to the beautiful fauna. They understand that everything contains the Whole and is, at the same time, an inherent part of it. The Na’vi have the ability to transcend their individuality and see themselves as inherent elements of a bigger structure- the all encompassing global Consciousness.
Does this sound familiar? Living in harmony with the earth’s energy. This is the cornerstone and entire purpose of Feng Shui. And, yes, we can all have our own Hometree. And, yes, we can (and many people already do and are) experience and live by the interconnectedness of all energy. Although we don’t live outdoors in a jungle, our home can be just as interconnected as the Na’vi’s Hometree. There is energy running through every piece of furniture and component of your home, not to mention your pets, the birds and squirrels outside, and, yes, your neighbors. Pandora is not a fantasy but a reality that is present right now. We need only to stop, be still, and feel. In the movie, they used their tails as their feeling source. Although we don’t have tails, we do have the ability to tune in and feel the energy of everything around us. This movie just gave us the visual of how energy works.
My favorite part of the movie was when Jake went to pray to their god(dess) Eywa to stop the invasion, Neytiri said to him, “She protects the balance of ALL life.” In other words, she takes no sides but instead protects the balance of life. And so is true with Mother Earth. We live on a Planet and in a Universe that is constantly making adjustments, sometimes minor and other times major, to maintain an energetic balance. This balance of energy trickles down to each one of us as we seek to balance our own personal energy. And like the Hometree, we need to protect and maintain the balance of energy within our part of the Earth that we inhabit… our home. This is Feng Shui.

Ora and the Gem Star by Jack Cowardin

Ora begins her journey as an innocent sixteen-year-old daughter of the local fishing village’s chief—having the liberty to go freely on her way each day, swimming the turquoise lagoon and reveling in the undersea beauty which nature delivers. She suddenly discovers that the Gods have bestowed a powerful Gem Star—a magical gift from the heavens—upon her shoulders, forever changing her destiny. Ora’s Mayan heritage and adventurous spirit inspires her to capture the flashy, fiery ball. She absorbs all the energy and enlightenment it pours forth, setting her life and village into a new direction.  In a time when women were of a lower class and denied spiritual participation, Ora breaks these bonds and begins a journey of discovery and adventure, empowerment, and, eventually, leadership to save her people from the scourge and enslavement by the mighty King of the great City of the Gods, Teotihuacan.

When the events of a sudden, terrifying eclipse show young Ora the location of the tiny, yet powerful Gem Star, the sixteen-year-old is suddenly charged with the daunting mission of retrieving the precious jewel – by none other than the gods themselves. Though her subsequent journey is fraught with peril, Ora receives the support of key allies along the way as she strives to prevent the Gem Star from falling into the hands of the ruthless King Chan, who intends to use it to serve his own selfish purposes. With such a grave responsibility resting squarely on her shoulders, Ora must summon a courage she’s never known to protect the fate of the world from the malice of evil hearts. Intriguing, creative, and with a flair for the magical, Ora And The Gem Star is an engaging fantasy tale. Skillfully crafted by author Jack Cowardin, Ora takes the reader on a vicarious journey through a time long since passed, well before the contrived “adventures” of video games, virtual reality, and other modern technological advances. A genuine fantastical thriller, Ora also doubles as an edifying guide to the beliefs, customs, and practices of cultures that thrived and prospered long ago, ultimately helping to foster a deeper appreciation of the cultural folkways and mores that preceded our time. Furthermore, in Ora herself, Cowardin has created a rather admirable heroine, one who rises to the considerable challenge of a task that requires her to step outside of her own comfort zone for the sake of countless others. Such a feat is not an easy one to fulfill – particularly for a sheltered sixteen-year-old unaccustomed to danger and with a nod to grand, sweeping cultural epics, Ora And The Gem Star more than holds its own as an imaginative fantasy tale in the proud tradition of Tolkien and Herbert. A recommended read.
Join in the adventure of “Ora and the Gem Star.”
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Kenneth Weene’s Blog Tour

Widow’s Walk by Kenneth Weene tells the story of Mary Flanagan and her search for meaning, life, and love. It is also the story of her Irish roots and her immigration to America, her marriage, her husband’s life and death, and the lives of her two children. And it is the story of her relationship with Arnie Berger, a man who is totally different in background, religion, and approach to life. Theirs is a deep and meaningful love that gladdens the heart. If only things could always flow along with such ease. But they do not, and Widow’s Walk becomes a powerful tale of human pain and emotional conflict.
Recently released, Kenneth Weene’s new novel, Memoirs From the Asylum, is a comi-tragic tale of madness and sanity, of desperation and hope, of possibilities and fate. Set in a state hospital, Memoirs From the Asylum focuses on three main characters, a narrator, who has taken refuge from his terror of the world, a catatonic schizophrenic, whose mind lives within a crack in the wall opposite her bed, and a young psychiatrist, who is dealing with his own father’s depression. This is a book that will have you laughing, crying, and discussing.

An Excerpt From Widow’s Walk

People like Danny O’Brien don’t just wash their cars – they bathe them with deliberation. First they get ready, which starts with the right clothes. Danny always changes into his cutoff jeans, the last pair he has left from college. He has to suck in his stomach to snap them shut, and they have long ago stopped feeling comfortable, but they represent his youth so he won’t throw them out. He doesn’t tuck his Grateful Dead T-shirt in. He probably wouldn’t have anyway, but with it hanging out no one can see if the snap on his shorts has opened. His old tennis shoes go on his bare feet, and he feels like he is ready to go back in time and play Frisbee in Hollis Quad.
His equipment, too, is laid out carefully. Sponges, clean rags, a plastic pail, the garden hose, Turtle Wash and Wax, a Dust Buster, and finally cleaners for the glass, the vinyl, the leather upholstery, the chrome, and especially the tires – the car will not be to his liking until the tires gleam – not like new, but shining beyond newness. Even the placement of the car is – to his mind – just right. It is carefully parked in a specific spot so that he can get maximum efficiency from the hose.
His neighbor, Harry Brown, is tending flowerbeds. Not particularly a lover of nature, Danny leaves that task to the gardener. “Hey, Harry, how’s it going?” he calls to the neighbor, who is busily weeding around the azaleas.
“Damn weeds just keep growing.” It is a ritual exchange. The two men aren’t close, but they have as many rituals as any fraternity. That is one of Danny’s special qualities; his every relationship has rituals built in: little sayings or a special piece of body language that makes the other person feel that theirs is a special relationship
Danny is aware of a change in the light. He looks up and sees Kathleen watching him. He smiles. “Hi.”
She half smiles in response. Embarrassed by his notice, she starts slightly as if to move away.
“Do you like cars?” He isn’t sure where, but he knows that he has seen her before. “She’s cute enough,” he thinks. “Might as well chat her up.”
Kathleen, not having really taken a step, feels she has to respond. She smiles shyly – not flirtatious but friendly. “Actually, I don’t know much about them. I’ve never even learned how to drive.”
“Seriously?” Even while he is saying this, Danny is wondering if he shouldn’t perhaps take a more serious tone, one more appropriate to the classy young woman he perceives her to be.
“Why? Is there something wrong?” She can feel herself tensing, pulling back, becoming defensive. “I always wanted to learn, but I never had the chance.”
He takes another look at Kathleen and decides that she might be worth his time. “I tell you what. You help me wash, and I’ll give you a driving lesson.”
“I don’t even know you,” Kathleen responds with hesitancy.
“Harry here will vouch for me. Won’t you Harry?”
“Lady, I’d stay far away from that crazy Irishman. You should never trust a man who doesn’t garden.”
“I don’t really think I should,” her voice conveys doubt and a hidden wish.
“Suit yourself. If you ever change your mind, stop by any weekend. If I’m not home, my mother almost always is. I’ll tell her if a beautiful woman named …” He pauses.
At first Kathleen doesn’t understand why he is waiting. Then she wonders if it’s ok for her to answer. Finally she stammers, “My name is Kathleen, Kathleen Flanagan.”
“Pleased to meet you, Kathleen Flanagan. Danny O’Brien at your service.” Danny winks at her, and Kathleen feels a rush of confusion – her face flushes. “We Irish folks have to stick together especially around a Brit like Harry.” Danny’s sweeping gesture toward his neighbor sprays her with soapy water from the sponge he’s holding.
The cold tingle of the water makes her laugh lightly.
“Good. A sense of humor is the thing to have, but I am sorry.” He offers her a clean rag.
“That’s all right! I’m sure I’ll dry before I get back.”
“Back where?”
“Subtle, boy,” Harry comments.
“I live at the hospice, the one near the Star Market, in the staff housing.”
Danny smiles broadly. “The freckles on his forehead seem to dance when he smiles,” Kathleen observes to herself.
“Would the nuns be upset if I were to drop by some day?”
“That would depend on your intentions.”
“Better than they were when I went to Saint Edward’s.”
He grins again, and Kathleen is struck by the sparkle in his eyes. She waves as she walks away.
“That’s a nice girl, Danny.” Harry remarks as Kathleen leaves. “Not a bad looker either.”
“That’s for sure.” Danny turns back to the car, but his mind is following Kathleen down the street.

Words of Praise for Widow’s Walk

“Here is a story whose breadth of vision is exceeded only by the depth of its characters.” (Jon Tuttle, author, The Trustus Plays)

“This story includes the passions of everyday life that will touch you in a special way.” (Abe F. March, author, To Beirut and Back, They Plotted Revenge Against America, and Journey Into The Past)

“Written in the present tense, Widow’s Walk achieves the difficult balance of urgency and character-driven action possible with this technique. With deft humor and unexpected turns, universal dilemmas and unique perspectives, I believe Widow’s Walk captures all the elements of great fiction.” (Jen Knox, author, Musical Chairs

An excerpt from Memoirs From the Asylum

Arthur and I are pacing up and down the dayroom. That way the aides don’t notice. As long as we look agitated, they don’t care about our conversations. They figure we must be ourselves: the simply crazy. If we were to sit down on the bilious green Naugahyde and chrome chairs and couches that have long since deteriorated to junkyard quality and talk like normal people, then they’d get pissed off. They count on us to be psycho, to appear nuts. It’s like the cops and the criminals. The criminals might not want the cops around, but the cops need the crooks so they have jobs. And, if the cops disappeared then everyone could commit the same criminal acts so there’d be no payoff for being a crook. So, bottom line, the staff needs us to keep getting their paychecks, and we need them to keep getting our rubber-rooms, straightjackets, and butts full of Valium.
But, the numbers are changing. The psycho drugs have reduced the size of all the hospitals. The staffs have shrunk; now they’re resisting every discharge. No normality here! Nobody should get out. That’s the rule.
So we are pacing and discussing the alleged newest member of our very nonselective club. Of course, it is all rumor and conjecture. The rolling TV never plays the news; it’s considered too upsetting.
Newspapers and magazines only make an appearance when an infrequent visitor happens to bring them, which is always well after they’re better suited for wrapping fish. Visitors are few and far between. We who have survived the medication boom and still live on the wards have few family members interested in us. The aides and nurses do bring gossipy magazines that they share with each other and then leave around for us. We always know the latest tittle-tattle from three weeks ago. We can always tell that our bleached out castaway clothing isn’t the latest from Paris.
“Maybe. But, then what’s to stop them from frying every nut case,” I pause for effect, “including us?”
“Would you do something like that?”
“Well, neither would I.”
“Of course not, but you did attack those people.”
He giggles nervously. “God told me to.”
“I know, but maybe God told him.”
He raises his voice, always a foolish thing to do, but theology is always a hot button in the day room. “God would never tell him that – not something like that!”
One of the aides looks up at us. I catch her out of the corner of my eye, the one that I always keep directed at the nurses’ station.
“Sshhh,” I hiss at him. But he is way too far-gone. God’s prophet is on the pulpit, and nothing else matters. It only takes a minute before they drug him, wrap him, and carry him off to restraints.
They might decide I should get it, too, that I have been provoking him, that I might get others started – that I might be the “King of the Crazies” – and they talk about our paranoia. I walk away as fast as I can.
Too late! They have grabbed me and wrestled my ass to the floor. I’m not resisting. There would be no point. They still rough me up. One aide, this big hulk of an idiot, a sadist too afraid to take on anyone who can fight back, smacks me in the face – no reason, just his pleasure. My nose starts to bleed. They hold me down so that I’m coughing and choking on my own damn blood. One of the nurses brings the syringe. The big V to the rescue.
I wake up the next day on the medical ward. There is a hole in my throat where they inserted a tracheotomy tube. The bastard has nearly killed me. God, is my throat sore. I get to suck on ice chips and suffer. The bastard got to go home for his dinner.
A day later I am back on the ward. One of the women patients sidles over to me. “We heard they had to give you shock treatments,” she hisses.
“No,” I croak back pointing at my throat.
“I thought your brains were up here,” she says pointing to her head.
I try to laugh and then think better of it. I pat my ass. “No, down here,” I tell her.
She is still cackling as one of the nurses came out from behind their counter with the medication tray. My pills are different. I look at them and then at her. “Take your meds,” she commands firmly.
“They aren’t right.”
“The doctor changed them.”
“Ask him.”
“Come on, at least tell me why,” I plead, afraid of the side effects.
“We want to make sure that you behave yourself. No more incidents like yesterday.
I want to cry, but I just nod. I try to hold some of the pills in my cheek to spit them out once she has gone, but she checks my mouth and makes me take a second cup of the horrible juice they use. It tastes like a combination of the bug-juice they serve at summer camp and some powdered fruit drink straight from the army, and filled with saltpeter.
“Be a good boy,” she says as she walks away. I feel like I’m a dog being patted absentmindedly on the head by a totally indifferent and unfeeling clerk in a department store. “You really shouldn’t have your dog in here, mister; but keep him under control and we won’t shoot you full of meds.”
“Yes, ma’am; yes, ma’am, three bags full.”
No matter how fucked your head, you’ve got to hate the drooling and the shuffling. I try to control the tics and that damned unending pill rolling. I try, but I fail – failure is in the chemistry.

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Timothy Stelly’s Blog Tour

Timothy Stelly’s HUMAN TRIAL (2009, All Things That Matter Press) and HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM’S WAR (2010, All Things That Matter Press), present the tale of a ragtag group of survivors of an alien-launched thermal war that has destroyed nearly all human amd animal life on the planet. HUMAN TRIAL raised the question, What happens when all that remains of the world is fear, distrust and desperation? HT II follows the group on a cross-country trek that results in a final, frenzied battle against the extra-terrestrial invaders.
 Reviews for part one of Timothy Stelly’s sci-fi noir thriller, Human Trial, have been positive. Readers and critics from the U.S. and Canada have praised the book for its grittiness and frightening tenor.
 “…Superb. It’s as if I’m one of the 10 going through the same trials they are. I can hardly wait to read the next installment.”—T.C. Matthews, author oif What A Web We Weave
 “The book scares me because of the possibility of this happening in our future and how we will handle it. Scary. Deeply thought out…Timothy definitely has his own voice and it is powerful.” —Minnie Miller, author of The Seduction of Mr. Bradley
 “Human Trial was a well written, well thought out book with plenty of biting, satirical social, religious and racial commentary interspersed within the dialogue. The drama, and the pathos, were nonstop, and I never knew what to expect next.” –Brooklyn Darkchild, author of This Ain’t No Hearts and Flowers Love Story, Pt. I & II
 “[This] story has been haunting me-reminds me of Octavia Butler’s ‘Parable of the Sower’…Stelly’s work haunts me two years after I read it.”
–Evelyn Palfrey, author of Dangerous Dilemma and The Price Of Passion
 “4 out of 5 stars. I felt the echoes of other notable science fiction novels, including “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler, “Lucifer’s Hammer” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, and “Manhattan Transfer” by John E. Stith. Timothy Stelly creates a believable milieu of small-town America being turned upside down by forces beyond comprehension, and puts the reader right in the middle of the action.—Claxton Graham, review
 “Human Trial is at once a sci-fi story, a look at the psychology of survival, and a timely cautionary tale regarding current environmental woes; our individual and collective responsibility to one another and to the planet…It is an entertaining and intricate story that can be read and enjoyed along with the likes of Mitchener, King, or Peter Straub. Stelly intuitively knows what everyday people will do to survive and how their interactions with each other will sound.”—Brian Barbeito, Columnist and author of Fluoride And The Electric Light Queen
 “Gritty and intense, Human Trial will leave you stupefied and terrified, neither of which will protect your gut from wrenching.  The message finally revealed is not only horrifying, but real, as is the omen foretold.  Turning tables and unbalanced scales foster confusion and terror in an epic far greater than its words.” – Brian L. Doe, Author, The Grace Note, Barley & Gold; Co-Author, Waking God Trilogy
“Oh the suspense, the drama, the intensity, the love I’m having for this story…trust indeed that my adrenaline cannot go any higher. This will be a series finale you don’t want to miss.” –  Walee, author of Confession Is Good For The Soul and What’s On The Menu? All Of Mw!
Timothy N. Stelly is a poet, essayist, novelist and screenwriter from northern California. He describes his writing as “socially conscious,” and his novel, HUMAN TRIAL, is the first part of a sci-fi trilogy and is available from, and in e-book format at Reviews of HUMAN TRIAL can be read at
HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM’S WAR (All Things That Matter Press) is scheduled for release in MAY, 2010.  Stelly also has a short story included in the AIDS-themed anthology, THE SHATTERED GLASS EFFECT (2009) . His story SNAKES IN THE GRASS, Is a tale of love, betrayal and its sometimes deadly consequences.
 In 2003, Stelly won First Prize in the Pout-erotica poetry contest for his erotic piece, C’mon Condi.
 Contact Info:
Both books available at, and
 Visit me at: or

Human Trial is still available from and Paperback
$18.99, e-book (kindle) format, $10.99.

Read the Brian Barbeito review of HUMAN TRIAL at: Read more online reviews at and

“Writer’s block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol.” — Steve Martin


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